Manage and Mind

Manage and Mind

Manage and Mind sets out to provide the necessary skills to assist managers and team leaders in managing workplace injuries or illnesses whilst being cognizant of the impact debilitating circumstances have on one’s mental health.

This approach combines the skills and expertise of both injury management and mental health, and is provided by qualified Injury Manager Maureen Hay and myself.

It is imperative to productivity and efficiency that organisations appropriately manage and mind any workplace injury or illness. Ensuring the injured worker’s optimal recovery in relation to both physical and mental health is essential throughout the entire process to facilitate the best possible outcome both for the individual and the organisation.

Benefits to the individual:

  1. Faster and more effective recovery
  2. Less skill loss due to absence
  3. Greater mental health stability
  4. Enhanced productivity and efficiency during the return to work process

Benefits to the organisation:

  1. Less productivity loss
  2. Fewer WorkSafe premium increases
  3. Reduction of "hidden costs" (Labour hire etc. for replacement)
  4. Enhanced reputation in the workplace

WorkSafe legislation is changing from July 1 2010. Let us assist you in understanding your obligations and the benefits to you and your workforce by managing workplace incidents correctly.